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Display and Discovery Ads are an exceptional tool for your brand to take off! Seize the large audience plus laser targeting of Google’s Display ads and Discovery ads to generate leads and drive sales. At The Permalinks, we go above and beyond to make sure your product or service catches the eyes of your target audience. With our expertise working with clients coupled with the technical prowess and depth of a fully-fledged agency we guarantee the highest return on your Ad budget compared to a single-service Display Advertising Agency.

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Why use Discovery and Display Ads?

Google Discovery ads and Display ads are unlike other paid media platforms. Having a large audience along with user-intent-driven Ad placement, Google’s paid media solution is an extremely powerful and versatile tool in the right hands! At The Permalinks, we ensure the best ROAS and provide full coverage of Google’s Display Advertising Services.


Extensive Reach

Google’s Display and Discovery ads operate on the Google Display network allowing access to a vast audience on websites as well as apps. This brings a lot of potential for your product to be seen by relevant audiences.


Laser-Target Audiences

Discovery ads and display ads allow advanced targeting options allowing fine-tuning to reach out to the most relevant audience- yielding increased conversions.


Ad Creatives for Visual Impact

All Ad creative formats and elements allow for maximum impact, allowing effective communication and also capturing user attention.


Strong Brand Awareness Tool

Discovery ads and display ads are ideal for brand awareness. The various ad placements and platforms allow your brand to shine when combined with good delivery


Good for Remarketing

Display and Discovery ads also have remarketing capabilities, allowing the targeting of potential customers that have shown interest in your brand or product- increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Secure the highest ROAS with us

Display and Discovery Ads services are crucial for your online business as they expand your reach, boost brand awareness, enable targeted advertising, offer engaging visual formats, contribute to conversion optimization, and provide performance tracking capabilities. By leveraging these services with us, you can effectively promote your business, attract relevant audiences, and drive meaningful results for your online endeavors.


increase in revenue from effective CPC - Ted Baker (The British fashion brand)


raise in conversions when Discovery Ads are held simultaneously with Search Ads - Periphery (The American metal band)

58k +

new email sign-ups are enabled by Discovery Ads - Seer Interactive (The American digital marketing company)

How it Works


Comprehensive Strategy Development

Google’s Display and Discovery ads work best with a defined and quality audience selection. This forms the basis for a solid strategy that will later yield favorable and expected results. At Permalinks, we thoroughly examine your business goals and product and find an optimal strategy.


Creative Ad Design

Google’s Display ads as well as Discovery ads have a heavy weight on Ad creatives. Succinct and accurate communication and creative direction will make sure your brand and product shine.


Execution and Optimization

At the Permalinks, we execute your campaign like clockwork- all while guaranteeing ideal ROAS through optimization and tweaking. This will yield you the best possible return without burning through large Ad budgets.

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Display and Discovery Ads Services

Strategy Development and Planning

We work closely with you to develop a well-rounded strategy for Google Display and Discovery Ads. Ad Budget, Target Audience as well as campaign duration will be devised meticulously.

Creative Design and Production

Your brand and product will have a voice of their own with compelling and powerful Ad Creative design. Ensuring compelling results.

Audience Targeting and Segmentation

Comprehensive use of the right tools and ideal control of demographics, interests, and a fleet of other options ensure perfect ad delivery to the right audience at the right time.

Campaign Setup and Management

We undertake the entire process of campaign setup and management. The entire technical configuration is thorough and will include all the basics all the way to reporting and tracking mechanisms. We also monitor and optimize the campaign to ensure optimal performance throughout.

Performance Tracking+ Reporting

All paid media campaigns will be tracked for performance using key metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and ROAS, ensuring efficient use of the Ad budget. Concise reporting will make further marketing decisions easier and more effective.

Continued Optimization and Testing

We also run A/B testing, leveraging data from campaign performance. This results in improved campaign performance and more efficient budget spending.

Questions & Answers

How do Display and Discovery Ads help my Business?
Display and Discovery Ads are a unique paid media solution allowing your brand or product to be seen across a wide network and a mass audience. You will see promising results during the campaign duration as well as after building awareness across the large network. Regardless of your unique business goals - we make display and discovery ads work for you and achieve your marketing objectives!
How long does it take to see results?
Paid Media solutions like Display and Discovery advertising are more straightforward to expect results as opposed to SEO and content marketing. You can expect results starting from a few weeks. However the ideal performance and optimum returns are expected after continued optimization, tweaking and A/B testing.
What makes our service stand out?
At The Permalinks, we ensure all aspects of the process are fine-tuned to produce the best results. Our extensive expertise working with clients of various niches in NZ give us a comprehensive understanding of your ideal customers. We combine this knowledge with capable hands and sharp minds to execute campaigns and bring you results.
How can I get started with The Permalinks' Display and Discovery Advertising Services?
We start of with a consultation that serves as an information-gathering process. After a thorough inspection and evaluation of your business and expectations we proceed we create a strategy and proceed with execution as well as optimization.
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Join hands with us to bring success and growth to your business in challenging online markets. The Permalinks will guarantee a service that is a step above the rest. Make the best use of Google display ads and discovery ads with the capable hands of a fully-fledged Digital Marketing Agency.

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